Encouraging Books for Challenging Times

Posted on May 21, 2020

Recently we asked our Reader Rewards members what books have helped them through trials or difficult times, and we received a lot of great answers! If you’re looking for inspiration and hope, learn what these readers had to say about encouraging books for challenging times.…

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Quarantine Resource Center for Kids, Tweens, & Grown-Ups

Posted on April 13, 2020

Are you and the kids looking for things to do during quarantine? Our quarantine resource center is here to help! We’ve compiled our favorite free resources for kids and tweens (and grown-ups too!), including printable coloring pages, downloadable devotionals, story time ideas, and more.…

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This Man Let Go of Fear to Walk in Faith

Posted on February 5, 2018

Humans are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear is learned. Really? You mean that I wasn’t born with a fear of spiders or getting lost? Of being abandoned or rejected? You’re right, and fortunately so.…

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Why You Need Spiritual Nourishment

Posted on January 29, 2018

What’s dinnertime like at your house? Is it relaxed and enjoyable or hurried and unpredictable? My pastor recently shared about how his children often complain when pizza, hot dogs, or macaroni and cheese aren’t on the menu for the evening. Despite his well-meaning, health-conscious efforts, his children rarely receive the well-rounded meals with gratitude.…

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How to Make Room in Your Busy Life for Prayer

Posted on January 22, 2018

Putting Jesus first and making prayer a priority is the key to finding the peace, strength, and joy that we all long for. And yet, many of us would have to admit that we’ve got our thinking regarding busyness and prayer backwards. I mean, let’s be honest – as busy women, prayer often becomes that one project that we’ll “get to eventually," like cleaning the cobwebs from the vaulted ceiling or writing a cookbook.…

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The Meaning of Spiritual Freedom

Posted on January 15, 2018

What does freedom mean to you? Is it the power or right to act, speak, or think as you want without hindrance or restraint? Is it the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government? Is it the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved?…

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