Summer Reading Program Winners!

Posted on September 20, 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s summer reading program! We hope you enjoyed the extra activities, points and giveaways. And we want to especially congratulate the winners of the grand prize packs and ARC giveaways listed below! We hope you join us again next summer, but in the meantime, be on the lookout for more point-earning and giveaway opportunities in the coming year.

Grand Prize Winners

Fiction Lover’s Prize Pack – Kelly C. in Goodlettsville, TN

Men’s Bible Prize Pack – Michael C.

Women’s Bible Prize Pack – Sarah K. in Fort Morgan, CO

Teens Prize Pack – Bridget E.

Boys Prize Pack – Lindsay

Girls Prize Pack – Violet

Preschoolers Prize Pack – Shanna R. in Richmond, TX

Monthly ARC Giveaway Winners

June: Trace of Doubt by DiAnn Mills and If I Were You by Lynn Austin

C. H., Kristina C., Anna O., Kelly B., Gynell H., Melani J., Anna T., Emily S., Beth W., Kathy W., Raechel L., Terrill R.

July: A Long Time Comin' by Robin W. Pearson and Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers

Bill C., Anna T., Kim F., Rachel W., Aidan R., Amy P., Cassandra C., Raven R., Sarah S., Becky P., Heather C., Tony L., Andrew M., Brenten G., Jennifer E., Lynda C., Victoria H., Megan H., Shaynna B., Faith S., Nic H., Anne R., Marissa B., Lisa S., Laura D., Karin R., Michelle M., Nicki B., Hannah C., Susan D., Kelly C., Debra B., Michaela D., Amanda E., Angela V., Jennifer B.

August: Pray Confidently and Consistently by Valerie Woerner and The Curator’s Daughter by Melanie Dobson

Britany D., Lois W., Amy L., Victoria H., Abigail W., Danna D., Jackie L., Michael C., Hannah C., Faith O., Athena W., Bethany S., Debra B., J. Ham, Penny R., Amy F., Mary A., Jennifer F.