5 Indoor Activities for Families This Winter

Posted on January 27, 2021

The popular internet meme of a frowning, introspective doodle-kid resonates with me deeply between the months of December and March. This is why I’m posting this list of indoor activity ideas. Because let’s face it (pun intended): some of us may really strive to be outdoorsy. You know, dress for the worst, and just get out there and have fun--make the most it! But then, windchill happens (for those who don’t live in fly-over states, you may need to look that word up).

Now, yes, of course you will NEED to go outside for things. One of the ideas I mention will require it, so that your joy may be complete. But then, go back inside.

1. Cards and Cookies

No, not playing cards and eating cookies (although that’s allowed, too). I mean: baking cookies and writing cards.

What a sweet way to tell your neighbors, the elderly around you, the delivery driver, or the trash collector that you care about them and are thankful for them being here!

Spoiler alert: This may require some outdoors time--but well worth it.


-Make a list of 10 neighbors you want to deliver cookies and cards to (keep it simple and make it the 10 homes nearest you, too!).

-Find a cookie recipe you like... and start baking!

-Who serves the community? Trash, public works, janitorial in your apartment building, mail carrier, delivery drivers? Include them too.

-Buy some inexpensive “Thank You” cards, or make them yourself out of colored paper. Get a pen and start writing! Say thank you, encourage them, and let them know you care about them.

-Go outside (not for too long), knock on doors, leave cards and cookies on porches, front desks, or in the mailbox.

2. Would You Rather- P.E. Fitness Videos

This is a new discovery for our house, thanks to the e-learning/remote learning situation our school district is in. P.E teachers around the country are posting these short, but effective and fun, interactive workout videos for students to follow along with. And we adults like them, too! Each video gives a 6-minute follow-along workout. Do a few videos together, and you have close to a 20-minute session for the day! Not bad. Thanks, YouTube!

3. All. The. Crafts.

There is hefty inspiration and Pinterest pins galore for indoor crafts. But one that I’m excited to check with my daughters this winter season, is Made To Create with All My Heart and Soul, by Lauren Duncan. A worship-through-art approach that I know they--and I--will love!

4. Themed Dinners

Whether as a family, in a small group, or hosted online, mixing up the menu for the week and going on an eating adventure can be a really fun and immersive way to enjoy time together inside! Games, dressing up, and trying new foods from other parts of the world (that you can find at nearby stores) could be a great way to make new memories and get out of comfort zones (while staying comfy, of course!).

5. Time in God’s Word

Something not forecast-dependent is being in God’s Word. Reading, studying, reflecting, enjoying, and applying God’s Word in the Bible is one of the most important activities we can do. It’s food, water, and life (Matthew 4:4), because it all points to the Lord Jesus Christ. Especially as we go into the new year, one idea is to try a new way to read The Bible. I’ve started readings through the new Filament Bibles line. Check it out!

This article was originally posted on The Arc.